How Neighbourliness Fosters Strong, Connected Communities: Part Three

2021 Doug Debrisay Good Neighbour Award Winner: Lana Mauchan

Every year, tenants nominate a neighbour that goes out of their way to help others and make the building a friendlier place. The winner for 2021 is Lana Mauchan!

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How Neighbourliness Fosters Strong, Connected Communities: Part Two

The pandemic has brought a lot more uncertainty into our lives, which has dampened the spirits of many, if not all of us. These days, you may find yourself seeking new ways to find joy or connect with others. At 210 Gloucester, Justy, a tenant hoping to put a smile on her neighbour’s faces, put together a creative game to boost morale during the winter months.

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How Neighbourliness Fosters Strong, Connected Communities: Part One

The Cambridge Dictionary defines Neighbourliness as “the quality of being friendly or helpful to your neighbours.” As the pandemic wears on and our longing to be with each other deepens, we want to share three stories about inspiring CCOC neighbours who stepped up and looked out for each other this year.

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An online AGM, a new opportunity to engage!

In May of this year, CCOC President Dallas Alderson told us that the Board had decided to postpone the AGM until September. Optimistically, we hoped an in-person AGM could be an option in September, but distancing requirements remain. We will be hosting our first online AGM this September 17.

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Growing Community Together

COVID has changed every aspect of how we engage with each other. It has upended our social lives, workplaces, and personal interactions. This new reality has also shown that in times of need, communities come together and support each other.

CCOCcommunityCOVID-19neighbours networksupport

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The balancing act of being a non-profit landlord

There are so many different terms to describe what CCOC does: social housing, affordable housing, community housing, non-profit housing, mixed-income housing.

I like “non-profit landlord”. It describes the core of what we do, being a landlord, but also puts front and centre that we aren’t in the business of housing for money or profit.

affordable housingCCOCcommunity housingCOVID-19landlordnon-profit landlordsocial housing

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Declare a Housing Emergency in Ottawa!

Ottawa is in the midst of a housing emergency. In our city, thousands of people are on the affordable housing waiting list, emergency shelters are over-capacity, and residents across the city are struggling to find a place to live.

CCOCcommunityhistoryhousing emergency

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Happy New Year from TCE!

Happy New Year! In 2018, Marketing and Communications shifted to the Tenant and Community Engagement Department. This change puts the relationships with our communities at the centre of how we do our business. As CCOC moves into a new decade, we are reflecting on our values and reinvigorating them with tenants.

CCOCpridesustainabilityTenant and Community Engagement

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CCOC makes a book and movie!

CCOC recently turned 40, and we’re excited to look back at some of the moments and memories that brought us to where we are today: a $240 million nonprofit housing corporation in the heart of Ottawa, home to almost 1,600 households.

affordable housingCCOCcommunityhistory

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Inclusionary Zoning Misses the Mark

After creating a lot of hope by passing legislation allowing inclusionary zoning, the province messed this up and drafted a set of regulations that mean that very few (if any) municipalities will enact local inclusionary zoning bylaws. And those that do will find it doesn’t get them very far.

affordable housingCMHChousinginclusionary zoningOntario

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