2016 Gardening Workshop Ideas

We’d like to get your feedback about the kinds of gardening workshops you want to see this summer.

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An Update on Cahdco

As Development Manager at CCOC, I also serve as the president of our sister corporation Cahdco.


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Leading the Way for Green Living

Sustainability is a supporting pillar of CCOC’s vision and mission. 

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CCOC Partners with OCRA to Support Syrian Refugees

CCOC has a long tradition of working with local sponsors to house refugees and new immigrants.

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Go Big or Go Home: The Rebirth of Cahdco

“You can’t cross a chasm in two hops.” I’ve seen that quote attributed to a few people. It’s posted on the cork board above my desk.

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Simple Green Solutions

CCOC hosted the launch of the City of Ottawa’s new recycling bag initiative at our 464 Metcalfe property on September 2, 2015.

Beaver BarracksCCOCGardeningsustainability

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The Living History of Beaver Barracks

Several decades have passed since Carl Dow impatiently waited to learn how to fly, and Beaver Barracks has been transformed.

Beaver BarracksCCOCTenant Stories

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Meet CCOC’s New President: Bill Rooney

While he may be new to the position of President, Bill Rooney is no stranger to the CCOC Board.

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CCOC Loves the Ottawa Tool Library

For years, CCOC folk have been saying “wouldn’t it be great if someone would set up a tool library in Ottawa”.

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Get involved! Run for a seat on CCOC’s Board

I started volunteering with CCOC in summer 2013. I was new to Ottawa and looking for opportunities to get involved in the community.

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