CCOC makes a book and movie!

CCOC makes a book and movie!

CCOC recently turned 40, and we’re excited to look back at some of the moments and memories that brought us to where we are today: a $240 million nonprofit housing corporation in the heart of Ottawa, home to almost 1,600 households.

We’re embarking on a project that will include a book, interactive web content, and videos to capture our history.

Local writers and historians Robert Smythe and Christopher Ryan are pulling together the stories of CCOC’s beginnings and Cartouche Media is producing a series of short films with interviews from CCOC’s past, present, and future. The full project will be released leading up to CCOC’s 45th anniversary in 2019 but we already have a teaser ready for you!

CCOC Makes a Movie from CCOC on Vimeo.

This trailer peeks at what’s to come in the four short films. The first film will look at the early days of CCOC and how this big idea got started. Then we’ll share a look inside CCOC buildings—the community gardens, rooftop green spaces, and what it means to be a not-for-profit landlord. The third film is going to be a fun “making of” these shorts before we cap it off with a look to the future and where CCOC is headed next.

We’ll be releasing each film one by one so you can learn more about CCOC’s history and where the future is taking us. Follow the CCOC blog for updates on the history project and glimpses of what’s to come in 2019!

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