CCOC is directed and controlled by volunteers. The organization is structured into five committees and corresponding departments overseen by the Board of Directors. Each committee works with the specific CCOC department related to their committee. Committees make and guide decisions more than they take action. They are governance committees, not working committees. They help to change policy within the departments they correspond to.

Committees are not meant to deal with individual tenant complaints or building-specific issues. The committee agenda is set by the department Director and the Chair. Any other items that committee members or guests are interested in discussing must be submitted in advance.

All committees meet for a period of two hours on a weekday evening. You should also expect to spend an hour, the week before the committee meeting, reviewing the committee package.

CCOC recognizes the importance of making committee attendance accessible. Therefore, there is a family care and transportation fund that is made available to cover expenses for all committee members or new volunteers who intend to become committee members, who would otherwise be unable to attend meetings.

Family Care Expenses: Members will be reimbursed at the rate of minimum wage, up to a maximum of 5 hours, including 1 hour before and after the meeting. These expenses must be accompanied by a receipt.

Transportation: All reasonable travel expenses to and from meetings are eligible. The most economical and efficient method of transportation must be used. Please contact the tenant and community engagement department, or the respective committee director for more information.

CCOC Committees

Development Committee

Deals with the development, acquisition and financing of new properties. They are a creative bunch who look for clever ways to create new housing. This committee informs the work of the Development Department.

The Development Department works to acquire or build new CCOC properties. They also look at regulations and city planning to make sure we can continue to grow and offer new affordable housing.

The Development Committee meets the second Tuesday of the month.

Facilities Management Committee

Deals with the care of CCOC properties. If it has anything to do with keeping our buildings and your home looking good and working well, this committee is responsible. The Facilities Management Committee informs the work of the Facilities Management Department.

The Facilities Management Department is responsible for keeping CCOC properties in good repair, including your home, common areas, landscaping and parking areas. They do regular inspections of homes and buildings; plan and do major construction renovations and repairs; and have two teams who provide full service daily operations, from cleaning to pest control to tenant maintenance requests and turn overs. The tenant service representatives are the front line for all tenant requests for maintenance service and repairs.

The Facilities Management Committee meets the third Wednesday of the month.

Finance Committee

Deals with the financial administration of CCOC, its investments and long-term viability. If you want to know what is happening: follow the money! This committee informs the work of the Finance Department.

The Finance Department collects the rent and sends rent receipts. They are responsible for taking legal action if tenants do not pay their rent, which can result in eviction. They also manage CCOC’s budgets, maintain financial records, and look after CCOC computer systems.

The Finance Committee meets the third Thursday of the month.

Rentals Committee

Monitors vacancies and turnovers and identifies marketing strategies. It develops policies on eligibility criteria, occupancy standards and rent subsidies in accordance with government programs. It also recommends market rent changes and approves parking policies. This committee makes decisions that have a big impact on all our tenants. The Rentals Committee informs the work of the Rentals department.

The Rental Department is responsible for renting out CCOC’s homes, managing subsidy programs and rental policies. They also deal with tenant behaviour issues, parking and the CCOC Building Representatives.

The Rentals Committee meets the third Tuesday of the month.

Tenant & Community Engagement Committee

Deals with getting tenants involved in their communities and issues that impact everyone. They work to get people engaged in gardening, green living, local and neighbourhood issues, and political advocacy.

The Tenant and Community Engagement Department handles tenant and volunteer engagement, and manages community partnerships. They work with tenants on issues which affect the quality of life in their neighbourhoods. They also involve tenants in gardening and promote CCOC through events and activities that build a sense of community.

The Tenant & Community Engagement Committee meets the first Monday of the month. Please note that TCE Committee meetings only last for an hour and a half, instead of two hours.

A CCOC staff member and volunteer at a volunteer recognition event
A CCOC staff member and volunteer at a volunteer recognition event