CCOC Membership

CCOC Membership

CCOC members guide the work of CCOC. Members can join committees and run for the Board of Directors. They can also vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Anyone who supports CCOC’s Mission Statement and Values can become a CCOC member. CCOC membership is valid for one calendar year.

Become a CCOC Member

  1. Read and agree to uphold CCOC’s Mission Statement and Values.
  2. Complete and submit the Membership form.

CCOC’s Mission and Values

CCOC Mission Statement

Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation is a community-based, tenant and member directed, non-profit housing organization whose mission is to create, maintain and promote housing for low and moderate income people.

CCOC Values…

  • Diversity. A diverse tenant, staff and member population without discrimination with respect to Aboriginal, racial, ethnic, linguistic and religious background, age, gender, sexual orientation, household composition, and level of income and ability;
  • Collaboration. Working together as tenants, members and staff in ways which are responsible and supportive;
  • Inclusive, Open Decision Making. Decisions which are open and inclusive in the way they are made, communicated and implemented;
  • Innovation and Creativity. Being innovative, creative, and dynamic in how we do our work;
  • Affordable, Livable, and Diverse Housing. Housing which is affordable, livable and diverse in type, and contributes to a high quality of life; and
  • Sustainable Communities. Communities that are healthy, diverse, energy-efficient and respect the natural environment.

    For any questions about CCOC membership, please email the Tenant and Community Engagement Department.

    • Please share the name(s) you want us to call you.
      Personal pronouns are words that refer to a person (ex. She is smart. They are funny!). Sharing your pronouns allows us to avoid assumptions about your gender.
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