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Creating, maintaining, and promoting affordable housing.


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CCOC’s Mission and Values

Our Mission

To create, maintain and promote housing for low-and moderate-income people.

We Value…

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: A diverse tenant, staff, and member population that treats everyone fairly and is inclusive for all;
  • Collaboration: Working together as tenants, members and staff in ways which are responsible and supportive;
  • Affordable housing: Housing that is affordable, supports a high quality of life, and meets the diverse needs of low- and moderate-income households;
  • Sustainable Communities: Communities that are healthy, energy-efficient, and respect the natural environment;
  • Innovation and Creativity: Fostering new ideas and supporting responsible risk-taking in how we do our work; and
  • Inclusive, Open Decision-Making: Decisions that are community-based and engage tenants and members in the way they are made, communicated, and implemented.