Garbage, Recycling, and Green Bins

CCOC has a long history of waste diversion. As far back as the 1980s, we collected newspapers from tenants to shred and repurpose as insulation in our heritage homes. In the 1990s, we were the first multi-residential landlord in Ottawa to offer recycling to our tenants. And in 2010, we participated in the City’s pilot program to bring green bins to multi-residential buildings. Today, our tenants help divert more than 255,000L of organic waste from the landfill each year!

If you have questions about garbage, recycling, or green bins, please contact CCOC’s Facilities Management Department by email or phone at 613-234-4065.

Hazardous Waste Diversion Program

CCOC has launched a Hazardous Waste Diversion Program in our buildings. This program allows tenants to get rid of their household hazardous waste and e-waste safely, in a way that helps to protect both their health and the environment.

Household hazardous waste includes any items that are poisonous, flammable, or corrosive. Some examples are batteries, CFL lightbulbs, full/ partially full aerosol sprays, paint, and many kinds of cleaners.

E-waste is electronic waste, and includes items like televisions, computers, printers, and cameras.

Contact the Facilities Management Department by email or phone at 613-234-4065 ext. 0 to learn about how to safely dispose of hazardous waste at your building.