Pest Control

Pest Control

Any home may experience an infestation, and early reporting is important to ensure an effective response. Pests are not necessarily a sign of poor housekeeping. Don’t let embarrassment stop you—contact us as soon as you see pest activity in your home. Early reporting is key to quickly addressing any pest issue. We are here to help! There is no charge for pest control or treatment unless you fail to prepare your unit, or you refuse to let the contractor in. 

Who to contact:

  • Pest Control Coordinators
    • 613-234-4065 ext. 247

Tips to keep your home pest free:

  • Keep your balcony clean to discourage pigeons from roosting.
  • Did you see a pest in your home? Contact us right away so we can inspect and treat your home if needed.
  • Not sure if you’ve seen a pest? Our licenced pest control are happy to offer their professional advice.
  • Check for bedbugs before purchasing second-hand furniture, clothing or any other soft furnishings.
  • Cockroaches need food and water. Keep your living space clean and wipe up any spilled water to make your home less attractive to them.
  • Keep compost and garbage bins secured and dispose all trash properly.
  • Avoid pouring food and thick liquids (oil, milk, etc.) down any drains.
  • If you’re visiting someone with a bedbug problem, bag and wash your clothes afterwards to prevent spreading.
  • Keep perishable food in the fridge to avoid fruit flies and cockroaches.
  • Keep your food cupboards, spice racks, kitchen drawers clear of crumbs and food debris.
  • Notice a crack in the baseboards or wall? Report it to maintenance so it can be sealed up.
  • Do not feed birds, squirrels or other wildlife.

When to contact pest control:

  • I have seen droppings in my home.
  • I have heard scratching in the walls or ceiling.
  • I have been to a doctor and have confirmed bedbug bites.
  • I have seen pests in my home or in common areas of the building.
  • I’d like more information on recognizing pests, and what I can do to prevent them.


  • CCOC does not provide pest control services for pigeons.
  • Pigeons are attracted to certain spaces for many reasons (warmth, food, safety, etc.).
  • Once pigeons have nested and laid eggs they are protected by the government of Ontario and cannot be removed until the eggs have hatched and birds have left the nest.
  • To prevent pigeons, we recommend keeping a clean and tidy balcony.
  • Pigeon netting can be installed through a CCOC contractor.
  • Fake owls can be purchased and placed on balconies to scare away pigeons.
  • Please do not feed the pigeons.

How to prepare for treatment:


    Rest assured, we will respond to your pest control request within 2 business days.