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How does it work?

CCOC has 14 tenant-led community gardens available to residents at those properties. CCOC tenant gardens are spaces where neighbours garden together in community. Tenants have the opportunity to organically grow vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers in either individual or collective plots. CCOC provides the infrastructure and tenants organize the rest!

Each year, we offer first right of return to last year’s gardeners. Empty plots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up to request a gardening plot today. If the plots are full we’ll add your name to a waiting list for the next available plot.

At most buildings, tenants select a Garden Coordinator, a tenant who volunteers to manage the list of gardeners and act as a main contact for CCOC. If your building has a Garden Coordinator, we will pass on your contact information to them and they will be in touch with you directly.

CCOC also supports all tenants to engage in gardening and celebrating spring with our annual Plant Days plant give away. At the beginning of the year, tenants can request free annual flowers, vegetables and herbs from CCOC for their yards and balconies. Learn more about Plant Days and how to volunteer or sign up for plants.

A CCOC garden
A CCOC garden

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  • If you don't see your building on the list, then CCOC does not currently have a community garden at your building. If you have questions about this contact
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