Frequently asked questions

View the answers to some common questions we hear below. If your question isn’t answered, please feel free to contact us.

Living with CCOC

Many buildings have secure bike parking. To use the bike room you must register your bike with us. Unregistered bikes will be removed.

If you would like to rent a car parking space you must sign a parking agreement and register your vehicle. We charge parking fees based on the type of parking, the location and services provided.

If you find someone parked in your rented parking space, call the city at 311 to have the vehicle ticketed. You will have to show a copy of your CCOC Parking Agreement to the City By-Law Officer. Also call your Rental Officer to advise them of the make of the car and license number. If the vehicle is registered with CCOC, we may be able to locate the owner and deal with the situation.

For information about car and bike parking, call Reception at 613-234-4065 extension 0.
Many buildings have bike racks outside for your visitors. You do not need to register visitors’ bikes. If your friend drives a car, please see parking guidelines below.

Having friends over for dinner? Use Visitor Parking
CCOC has limited visitor parking at most of its larger buildings. These spaces are intended for short-term parking by guests, only for visits less than 4 hours.

For longer visits or overnight guests: Get a Guest Parking Pass
If your guests are staying longer than 4 hours, overnight or up to 3 days, come to the CCOC office at 415 Gilmour St. to pick up a Guest Parking Pass and register the vehicle with the office for the authorized dates. Note that the parking pass does not guarantee access to a visitor space. Access is on a first come, first served basis.

For visitors staying longer than 3 days: Contact your Rental Officer
Visitors who require parking beyond 3 days must contact their Rental Officer to make alternate arrangements for parking, if available.

What about my boyfriend or girlfriend?
Guests who use parking on a regular basis, either daily or more than two nights per week must rent a parking space at a non-tenant parking rate.

Watch out!
Vehicles found in visitor parking for more than 4 hours, overnight or on a regular basis without an authorized parking pass may be ticketed and/or towed after receiving one 24-hour parking violation notice.
You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests and anyone you let into your building. You will be charged for any damages they cause.
We can make new keys during regular office hours only (9 am - 5 pm). We may charge a small fee. We can also unlock your door if you have been locked out, but you will have to show identification and pay a “lockout” fee.   Most new keys cost $2, while Primus keys cost $10 to replace. You will be charged $50 in the event that you are locked out and staff must be dispatched to your home. Lock changes cost $50 during office hours or $85 after hours.   It is against the law to change or add a lock without permission from CCOC. If you change or install your own lock, you must give us a copy of the new key. If you don’t tell us about a new lock, and the change results in extra costs for us, we will charge you for those extra costs.
You can have a pet as long as it does not disturb other tenants. There are City by-laws controlling the number of pets you can keep.

If you have a dog, please keep it on a leash and remember to ‘stoop-and-scoop’. Use the stairs instead of the elevator when taking large dogs in and out of the building. Remember - not all of your neighbours are dog lovers.

If you have a cat, please be considerate to the neighbours below and do not put the litter box on your balcony. Cat litter (but not cat poop) can be put out in the green bin.
We recommend getting to know your neighbours! You might make some great friends, and it’s easier to discuss problems if you’ve already met and chatted on the sidewalk or in the hallway.

If you have a concern, have a friendly chat with your neighbour to see if you can work it out. If you’re not able to find a solution please put your complaint in writing to your Rental Officer. We will respond to written complaints within 5 business days.

For noise complaints call the City at 311 for By-Law Services response.


You’re responsible for keeping your home reasonably clean and taking care of yards, porches and balconies that are attached to your home.

Snow Removal on Walkways
When 4 or more homes share an entrance CCOC clears snow from walkways and steps. There are grit boxes on site - please spread some around if you notice ice.

If your home shares an entrance with 2 other units or less, you and your neighbours are responsible for clearing walkways and steps.

If you have a deck, balcony or porch, you are responsible for keeping them clear of snow. Make sure there is no one below you before sweeping or shoveling the snow off your balcony.

Snow Removal in Parking Lots
CCOC clears parking lots with 4 or more spots. CCOC removes snow from our parking lots when there is 5 cm or more. Buildings with wheelchair-designed units get priority.

When a parking lot has 3 spots or less, you are responsible for clearing your own spot. If you need sand or salt contact the maintenance office at 613-234-4065, ext. 707.
If you see or suspect pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, or mice in your home, call Maintenance at 613-234-4065 extension 707 right away. Finding pests early is the key to getting rid of them.


Your rent is due on or before the first day of each month. We accept:

Pre-authorized debit: You can get a pre-authorized payment form at our office or from our website. Payment will come out of your bank account on the first business day of the month. It’s so easy!

Cheque: You can give us post-dated cheques or give us one each month before the first business day of the month. You can leave cheques in the drop box at our office anytime.

Interac: We accept Interac payments at our office during business hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Money order: You can leave money orders in the drop box at our office anytime. Make sure you write your name and address on the money order so we know who it’s from!

There is a $15.00 fee for any bounced payments. If you don’t have enough money in your bank account and need us to wait before cashing your cheque or processing your pre-authorized payment, call your Rent Collections Officer at least 4 business days before the first of the month. If you can’t pay your rent you must contact us to make arrangements. Otherwise we will have to serve a notice of termination that could lead to eviction.
CCOC must do an annual income review of all tenants at lease renewal time. Tenants will receive a letter from CCOC asking for proof of income and household composition. Tenants who do not submit the required documents by the deadline will be responsible for paying the full market rent.
You can request a transfer to another CCOC apartment after one year of living with CCOC by writing a letter to your Rental Officer stating the reasons for wanting a transfer. To qualify for a transfer, you must: i) have a good payment record; ii) have kept your home in reasonable condition, with no damages; iii) have no history of disturbing neighbours, or being served with eviction notices. If you qualify, your name will be put on the transfer wait list. A letter will be sent to you within 5 business days acknowledging your request, along with a copy of the transfer policy.
You must give your Rental Officer two full months written notice before you move out. The notice period must begin on the first day of the month. You are responsible for the rent and utilities for the full notice period, even if you move out earlier.

We prepared a report on the condition of your apartment before you moved in. Once you’ve given your notice, we prepare another report before you move out. By comparing the two reports, we track damages beyond normal wear and tear, and charge tenants for these damages.

During the notice period, rental staff or the custodian will show your apartment to prospective tenants. You must leave your apartment clean and empty when you move out or you will be charged for the cleaning.
There are a few important things to know about your rental subsidy. If you want to learn more about eligibility or rent calculations, click here.