How Neighbourliness Fosters Strong, Connected Communities: Part Two

How Neighbourliness Fosters Strong, Connected Communities: Part Two

The pandemic has brought a lot more uncertainty into our lives, which has dampened the spirits of many, if not all of us. These days, you may find yourself seeking new ways to find joy or connect with others. At 210 Gloucester, Justy, a tenant hoping to put a smile on her neighbour’s faces, put together a creative game to boost morale during the winter months.

Justy is an avid crocheter and the founder of the O-Town Bombers, the first Yarnbombing group in Ottawa. With the intention of encouraging a sense of community, she crocheted 100 magnets for all her neighbours!

“I had to do something to boost the morale of the tenants at 210 Gloucester Street. We had been through a terrible year in 2020 with the pandemic and constant fire alarms at all hours of the day and night. (…) It was also a great way to get to know your neighbors that you pass in the halls every day.”

Each magnet was different and placed on every tenants’ door. During the span of 3 days, tenants were encouraged to look at all the magnets around the building with the option of exchanging magnets with others. In the end, tenants kept the magnet left on their door and were able to interact and share on a social media group created for the building.

This is not the first initiative Justy has launched in her building. Motivated to make life more enjoyable for herself and those around her, she also created and maintains a book lending library. The library is always full and very popular among tenants. A good book, a smile in passing or pleasant conversation with a neighbor are simple pleasures we can all enjoy.

“Always come from doing good and good just happens.”

This game allowed Justy to meet her next-door neighbor who turned out to be a fellow crocheter! She has even recruited her to join the O-Town Bombers. Although these times might call for isolation, you are not alone. Your neighbors are a big part of your community; don’t be afraid to say hi!