The third verb: promoting affordable housing

Endless meetings, phoney consultations with “the community”, interpreting the meaning of “tall” or “compatible” – that is the life of an affordable housing promoter!

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Being a landlord of choice

A few years ago I was meeting with a candidate for Mayor of Ottawa; I was making the case for affordable housing and why we need to create more subsidized units.

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Do Centretown Seniors Need Seniors-only Housing?

I got a call recently from a member of the Seniors Committee of the Centretown Citizens Community Association asking if CCOC would consider building some seniors housing. The population of Centretown is aging.

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The Beaver Barracks Project is Complete – And we couldn’t be more proud!

CCOC has had its eye on the Beaver Barracks property at Catherine, Metcalfe and Argyle for over twenty years. When we won the City’s request for proposals in July 2007, we were thrilled.


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Kitchen Gardening On Rooftops

CCOC built our first building at 50 James Street in 1979. This five storey building with twenty-two apartments has nine planter boxes where tenants grow vegetables, herbs and flowers.


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