The Beaver Barracks Project is Complete – And we couldn’t be more proud!

The Beaver Barracks Project is Complete – And we couldn’t be more proud!

CCOC has had its eye on the Beaver Barracks property at Catherine, Metcalfe and Argyle for over twenty years. When we won the City’s request for proposals in July 2007, we were thrilled. And then we all got to work! For the past five years, everyone at CCOC – volunteers, tenants and staff – has had a role to play in helping to design, build, rent up and manage our largest project ever.

The support we’ve received from our partners has been key to its success: from the politicians who have championed us; bureaucrats who have worked with us; support agencies that have helped create great relationships to support our tenants; and community groups who have joined in to offer tenants the added elements that create great quality of life.

The architects, project managers, contractors, sub-contractors, trades and sub-trades have all worked to deliver their best; and over the next few months, the last buildings at 111 Catherine and 100 – 200 Victory Gardens Private will fill with new residents.

Our neighbours and the tenants at Phase 1 have supported us through it all – putting up with construction and growing pains, and offering advice, support, constructive criticism and encouragement along the way.

Now that it’s complete, here is how the face of Centretown is changing:

  • 254 new households are living in a space that had been an empty lot for decades
  • 150 new households receive either a “rent geared to income” subsidy or pay “below market rent”
  • 25 new units are wheelchair accessible, and most of the site is visitable for people with mobility issues
  • 15% of the units are reserved for tenants who benefit from additional support from our community partners: Options Bytown, Ottawa Salus, The In Community and Live. Work. Play.

Beaver Barracks is one of the most sustainable rental housing developments, with geothermal heating, Energy Star appliances, low off-gassing and durable materials, and lots of tenant amenities.