Tenant Satisfaction Survey Results

Tenant Satisfaction Survey Results

This spring, CCOC sent out surveys to all tenants to get your feedback about renting from us. We want to know if we’re doing a good job – so we started by asking you what you think. We were amazed by your responses. We got 38% of our surveys back, representing 587 CCOC homes. We’ve learned a lot already, and we wanted to share some of the survey highlights with you.

Why did you decide to rent from CCOC?

42% of respondents told us that affordability mattered to them in making their landlord choice. 35% made their decision based on the building, and 23% said CCOC’s reputation influenced their choice. Over 94% of you would recommend CCOC as a landlord! That’s music to our ears.

Our Grades

We converted your responses to percentages, and assigned ourselves letter grades based on the Ontario school marking system. We were thrilled to end up with an A+ when we asked if CCOC staff in the office, at your building, and working in your apartment had been respectful and courteous.

You gave us an A overall for customer service, and an A- for the quality of our maintenance work. You also identified some areas where we can improve: giving us scores of B- for the condition of common areas and your apartment.

Your feedback will help us grow and improve in the years to come, and we thank you for taking the time to respond to our first tenant satisfaction survey!

Grocery Gift Card Winners

Three lucky tenant respondents were drawn at random to win a $50 grocery gift card. The winners were Daniele Belli, Patrick Blouin, and James Yung-Hing.

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