CCOC’s 2016 Bike Tour

CCOC’s 2016 Bike Tour

Join us for a bike tour exploring the opportunities and challenges of being a nonprofit landlord with a sustainable vision!

Saturday, September 10

10:00 am Bike tour starts at 415 Gilmour
12:00 pm Bike tour finishes at 464 Metcalfe Street
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm Wrap-up party in the meeting room at 464 Metcalfe

Join us for the wrap-up party, even if you can’t make the bike tour!

Learn about CCOC’s experiences over the last 40+ years: 

  • Evolution in green building design and construction standards
  • Innovations in energy conservation and renewable energy
  • Strategies to deal with the burden of rising energy costs on low income tenants
  • Tenant engagement in green living
  • Green roofs, white roofs and rooftop planter box gardening

This guided tour will involve cycling on downtown streets and some bike paths. Over the course of two hours you’ll ride about 10 km at a moderate pace with three 20-minute stops along the way. You’ll need to bring your own bike and helmet.


Tour stops:

415 Gilmour: a 7 storey apartment building built by CCOC in 1993 with 91 homes and the CCOC office. We’ll meet in front of the building.
Green features: green operations and governance.

25 Rochester: 29 townhomes built by CCOC in 1981.
Green features: nearby district heating plant, energy efficiency retrofit, water efficiency retrofit, recycling and green bins.

145 Clarence: a 4 storey apartment building and 8 stacked row-houses built by CCOC in 1993 with 84 homes.
Green features: durable materials, social sustainability, extensive green roof, solar panels.

143 Arlington: 12 split-level row-houses built in 1905. Acquired and renovated by CCOC in 1977. Slated for new development in 2017.
Green features: new development will be a certified passive house.

464 Metcalfe: 254 apartments and stacked townhomes built by CCOC from 2010 to 2012.
Green features: geothermal heating, tenant engagement.

The bike tour is part of Green Energy Doors Open, a province-wide, year-round showcase of individual, community, and commercial sustainable energy projects organized and spearheaded by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.

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