New Redevelopments at CCOC

New Redevelopments at CCOC

CCOC’s mission as a non-profit housing provider is to create, maintain, and promote affordable housing. This means we have good quality buildings and apartments in walkable downtown neighbourhoods, as well as diverse housing options. So, what’s redevelopment?

Simply put, it’s a new construction that replaces existing buildings. Redevelopment helps address the need for affordable housing in the City of Ottawa by creating new family homes all while preserving neighbourhoods.

212-216 Carruthers Avenue

In 2023, CCOC will be redeveloping three of our older properties: 212-216 Carruthers Avenue, 277 Carruthers Avenue/171 Armstrong Street and 82-84 Putman Avenue. All three were built before the 1940’s and need significant repairs in the next ten years. Each redevelopment will have its own construction timeline. We will use environmental designs and economical construction, while increasing the number of floors to reflect the neighbourhood’s need for more family-geared homes.

This is not a first for CCOC. In 2019, CCOC completed the redevelopment of 143 Arlington Avenue. We replaced our aging property with a family-oriented, 3.5-storey redevelopment following Passive House Standards. Building energy efficient homes improve tenant’s comfort and reduces the cost of utilities! To read more about the Arlington redevelopment and Passive House Standards, click here.

A mixed income model is not limited to buildings or neighbourhoods but extends throughout our entire community. We all deserve options when it comes to choosing a home.


277 Carruthers Avenue
171 Armstrong Street

Although the redevelopments are not supportive housing projects, CCOC’s Rental Department has agreements with multiple service agencies to provide supports to independent living for our tenants. 11% of CCOC’s tenants are supported by nine different service agencies. Service agreements are tailored to each organization, and ongoing dialogue between Rental Department staff and service agency staff ensures tenants receive consistent support. We are lucky to have amazing community partners we can count on.

Being a tenant-led organization means we put our tenants first. These properties are homes; safe spaces people have created for themselves and their families. Settling into other homes will be a big transition for these tenants, and CCOC staff will support them every step of the way.


82-84 Putman Avenue


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