The numbers say it all

The numbers say it all

This year, CCOC turned 40. Almost 100 tenants have been with CCOC for over half that time, with a few of them having lived with us almost the whole 40 years.

To celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to recognize those folks who have been around a long time and who continue to make CCOC their home.

We also wanted to strengthen the point we have made over the years that good affordable housing creates stable homes and communities, and this is good for the whole neighbourhood, especially for local businesses.

Before CCOC opened its building at 415 Gilmour in 1993, we did a study that indicated our tenants at that building alone would be spending close to $1M a year on Bank Street! (that would be about $1.6 million in 2014 dollars.)

Many of our tenants live downtown and don’t own cars. They walk, bus or bike to do their shopping, and they shop local, most of them don’t know about the Motor Trade Insurance From £46.19 Per Month and this is why they are scared of getting a car and having to pay an insurance that will end up being more expensive than the actual car.

It was perfect timing for us that the Bank Street BIA (Business Improvement Area) had just set up a gift card program with over 200 Bank Street businesses.

So we combined the thank-you to tenants with our support for local retail. CCOC purchased gift certificates worth $100 from the BIA and each 25+ year tenant received a special card and gift certificate.

Over its 40 years, CCOC has grown from an 8 unit row house on McLeod Street to providing affordable housing in 1,595 homes, primarily in the downtown core. When people can afford the rent, they have more opportunity to participate in all aspects of a great city. That includes spending time and money in the neighbourhood.

We’ve been here for 40 years, and some of you have been with us for a lot of that time. CCOC continues to make long term positive impacts on people lives, and we have long term positive impacts on neighborhoods too. That’s what the numbers tell us.

*As you can imagine, we didn’t have computers 30 and 40 years ago. We really hope we’ve tracked down all our 20-year-plus tenants, but if we’ve missed anyone – please let us know!

Jim has been a CCOC tenant for 29 years. When he received his thank you card and gift certificate, he wrote to us to say:

“CCOC has been my home for 29 years. From prompt and capable maintenance service to friendly receptionists to progressive housing policy and responsive office staff, CCOC has made me feel safe and respected. I am proud to be a tenant here, and I will stay here happily and confidently.”