Doug DesBrisay Good Neighbour Award

Doug DesBrisay Good Neighbour Award

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The Doug DesBrisay Good Neighbour Award will recognize people who informally help out at CCOC properties.  These people may help with landscaping and general maintenance, they may provide services to individual neighbours, they may help foster a sense of community or perform other tasks that are appreciated by their neighbours.


  • Candidates must be nominated by their neighbours to be eligible.
  • A person cannot nominate themselves.
  • Nominations can be made by any CCOC tenant, including staff.
  • Nominations should be sent in writing. Verbal nominations will be accepted if transcribed by Tenant and Community Engagement Department staff.


  • Tenants and non-tenants are equally eligible.
  • CCOC staff members, including Building Representatives, are not eligible.
  • Nominees must be in good standing as CCOC tenants to be eligible. Good standing means that for the last 3 years the tenant has no history of disturbing neighbours and no eviction notice has been issued.
  • The focus of the nominee’s activities must be a CCOC property or CCOC tenants.
  • Work on the CCOC Board, Standing Committees or in the CCOC office is not eligible.
  • When someone receives the award, they are not eligible to receive the award for the 3 subsequent years.


  • The Tenant and Community Engagement Committee may appoint a sub-committee to review all submissions for recommendation to the TCE committee for final selection.
  • Nominations shall be given to the sub-committee without identifying the nominator.
  • No staff shall sit on the sub-committee.
  • The TCE Committee reserves the right to not grant the award in any given year if the submissions are not sufficiently compelling.
  • The TCE Committee may also decide to grant the award to a group rather than an individual.


One award will be granted every spring.

The recipient will receive a letter of thanks from CCOC and may also receive some material award, like a certificate, pin, or small gift. With their permission, the recipient will be recognized in the NewsNotes and/or on the CCOC website.

Approved by the Membership & Communications Committee November 2004.
Amended September 2010.
Amended May 2021.

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