Go Big or Go Home: The Rebirth of Cahdco

by Ray Sullivan

“You can’t cross a chasm in two hops.” I’ve seen that quote attributed to a few people. It’s posted on the cork board above my desk. It’s a good reminder for mission-driven organizations like CCOC and our sister corporation Cahdco: there’s a big need out there and we aren’t going to get anywhere with small measures.

CCOC created Cahdco in 1996 to create affordable housing and provide development consulting services to non-profit organizations.

Despite a long drought with no government investment in new housing, CCOC and Cahdco preserved a rare specialized knowledge of affordable housing development for two decades and succeeded in adding more than 200 units to Ottawa’s housing stock.

Today, the need for more affordable housing is broad and overwhelming. There’s an acute need for supportive housing, a general shortage of social housing, a drastic undersupply of any kind of decent affordable rental housing and a big demand for more affordable homeownership.

So how did we respond? We decided to “go big or go home”.

Up until this year, the work of Cahdco was done by one individual supported by CCOC’s back office and a small board with lots of expertise. Over the past year we have built up the Cahdco team to six regulars: a dedicated crew of experienced, intelligent and committed professionals. We’ve added numbers and bench strength to the board, and reaffirmed the relationship to CCOC with a designated board seat.



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