The Neighbours Network

The Neighbours Network

The Neighbours Network is a small, informal group of neighbours who meet monthly to socialize, build community, and occasionally organize creative events for CCOC tenants. Past events include a virtual music listening jam, July 1 celebration and creating activities for the 2021 CCOC Property Tour. The Neighbours Network is an initiative by tenants interested in exploring themes of belonging, support, safety and happiness in an informal social setting. It is not a CCOC committee or policy making space.

Curious about joining? Anyone who shares the vision of building connections among tenants is welcome to join the Neighbours Network. Meetings are every second Wednesday of the month and open to anyone, even if you just want to see what they are all about! Email or call Laura at 613-234-4065 ext. 243 for more information.

CCOC Neighbours Network Guiding Statements

  • A Vision Statement explains where we want to go
  • A Mission Statement explains how we are going to get there.
  • Rules of Engagement explain our priorities and how we agree to treat each other.
  • These statements were co-created by CCOC neighbours during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Neighbours Network Vision Statement
We are a collective of neighbours who find support, belonging, safety, and happiness with each other. We work together to connect neighbours with the goal of transforming our communities for the better.

Neighbours Network Mission Statement
We strengthen community where we live by building friendships, collaborating, empowering others, and celebrating diversity. Challenges and opportunities help us grow stronger and increase our collective resiliency.

Neighbours Network Rules of Engagement
Our Neighbours Network meetings are:

  • Small and informal. Sub-groups may work on different projects to accomplish our goals.
  • A place to connect. We like the opportunity to check-in with each other before the meeting starts and get settled in the space (potentially with a grounding exercise). At virtual meetings, we like turning our cameras on at the beginning of a meeting (when possible) so we can say hello “face-to-face”.
  • Well-prepared. We want to receive documents in advance so we can review them and use meeting time for discussion. An agenda is helpful for this.
  • Participatory. We want everyone to have an opportunity to share. A facilitator is helpful for this.
  • Comfortable. We want to create a space where everyone can feel relaxed.
  • Accessible for all technology levels. We want to ensure there are both online and offline ways for people to join the meeting and connect outside of meetings.


In the Neighbours Network, we:

  • Treat each other with respect. We listen and don’t interrupt when others are speaking. We are sensitive to the needs of everyone participating.
  • Celebrate difference. We find the commonalities in our ideas, while embracing our differences.
  • Empower each other. We lift up each other, and others, through community love.
  • Are prepared for change. The structure will always be transforming depending on the priorities of the group at any given time