Common Area Gardening

Common Area Gardening!

CCOC encourages gardening wherever possible and we want to support tenants who want to improve their property with plants! If you would like to garden in a common area (with or without accessing the fund) you must request approval from CCOC.

All requests will be evaluated based on the benefit to all tenants at the property and the specifics of the property. Considerations include accessibility, utilities, and other infrastructure. If your common area gardening request is approved, CCOC will provide you with a sign to identify your garden area. CCOC staff or contractors will not care for this space, as you will have taken on that responsibility. You will be expected to maintain the garden to a reasonable standard.

Requesting funding

Funding requests should be made by the end of April, and will be responded to in May. We try to approve all eligible requests, but if we do not have sufficient funds, then priority is given to folks who have not previously received funding.  After April, requests may be considered if funding remains.

If approved, tenants will be reimbursed for up to $75.00. Eligible costs for reimbursement are soil amendments and plant material, such as plants, seeds, soil, compost, manures, and mulch. Pots, planters, tools, and lawn ornaments are not eligible. If you are unsure if a potential purchase will be covered, please contact us before making the purchase.

The Common Area Gardening fund is intended for gardens in shared common areas. Private backyards, or areas included in your lease, are not common areas and therefore not eligible for this fund. However, if you would like plants for your windows, balcony, or yard, you can request free plants through CCOC’s Plant Days program.

Please fill out and submit the form on this page to get in touch about common area gardening!

If you have questions, or for more information, please contact CCOC’s Tenant and Community Engagement Department.