The Board of Directors is responsible for all CCOC activities. All committees report to the Board of Directors. The committees provide background information and make recommendations to the Board.

The members of the Board and its committees are volunteers and tenants just like you. CCOC will help with taxi or bus fare and family care for committee and board members attending meetings.

Join CCOC’s Board of Directors!
Mid-term appointment from January 2022 to May 2023

Each year in May we elect new Board members at CCOC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). This year, because a Board member recently resigned, CCOC has a mid-term vacancy on the Board of Directors which will be filled by appointment.

The Nominations Committee is looking for someone interested in serving this term until the May 2023 AGM. There is only one position open at this time, although anyone not appointed can run for election during the AGM in May 2022.

Deadlines and requirements:

November 30: Get in touch
Please send us an email about why you want to be on CCOC’s Board of Directors and how you think you can contribute. This interest statement can be a maximum of 500 words, and will be shared with the Nominations & Appointments Sub-Committee.

December 10: Sign up for a CCOC membership
All Board members must be CCOC members. Anyone who supports CCOC’s Mission Statement and Values can become a CCOC member, and membership is valid for the calendar year. Click here to submit your membership.

December 6-21: Meet with existing Board members and CCOC staff
Candidates will meet virtually with current Board members for a casual interview. Interview questions will be shared in advance. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the position.

Please note that if there is high interest in the Board position, only selected candidates will be interviewed. CCOC staff will follow up with everyone who expresses interest.

Click here for the full details about the 2021 CCOC Board appointment process.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Hannah Vlaar, Tenant and Community Engagement Director, at or call 613-234-4065 ext. 254.