Get involved! Run for a seat on CCOC’s Board

Get involved! Run for a seat on CCOC’s Board

I started volunteering with CCOC in summer 2013. I was new to Ottawa and looking for opportunities to get involved in the community. On the invitation of a friend, I attended a meeting of CCOC’s Property Management Committee. After my first meeting, I knew this was an organization that I wanted to be a part of. I was impressed by the professionalism of CCOC’s staff, and their strong commitment to providing affordable housing for all. Moreover, the committees were made up of engaged volunteers, many of whom were also CCOC tenants. I was impressed how the committees provide a feedback mechanism to include the views of tenants, staff and community members in CCOC’s decision-making.

In May 2014, I was elected to CCOC’s Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting. While on the Board, I also attend the Property Management and Finance Committees. Since joining the board, I continue to see what makes CCOC great – its staff and volunteers, and their shared commitment to providing great affordable housing in Ottawa.

With this commitment in mind, we are seeking new members to join CCOC’s Board of Directors. We will elect new members to the Board at CCOC’s Annual General Meeting on May 21, 2015. Candidates for the Board must be a member of CCOC for at least one month before the day of the election. Those interested in being a candidate for the Board of Directors or in joining CCOC can email

The Board is composed of 14 members with varied backgrounds and experience. This variety is a strength as it enables Board members to come at a challenge from difference perspectives. Board Members also usually sit on one of CCOC’s committees. This ensures that Committee views contribute to Board decision-making. Being a CCOC Board member involves a commitment of approximately 5-6 hours per month.

Based on my experience, this is an incredibly rewarding opportunity for anyone who values affordable housing and the contribution it makes to building a vibrant community. If you are interested in affordable housing, I encourage you stand for election to CCOC’s Board of Directors or join one of our volunteer committees. This is an opportunity to work with great people in advancing CCOC’s important mission of providing great affordable housing in our community.

Guest post by board member James Clark (shown back row, second from right in the photo above)