Let’s include affordability in our zoning

Let’s include affordability in our zoning

We like to think we’re a pretty good non-profit developer, and that we’re really making a difference in closing Ottawa’s housing affordability gap.

The truth is, the gap is just too big for us to tackle alone. Even with all the local non-profits, charities and concerned citizens working together, we aren’t going to fix this without help from the private sector.

They are bigger, they are building homes in every corner of the city, and – let’s face it – they have more resources than us. We need them at the table, and we support whatever combination of carrots and sticks will get them there.

That’s why CCOC advocates for “inclusionary zoning” regulations. These are rules that require all new housing developments to have some minimum level of affordability.

In fact, the City’s Official Plan already has similar provisions (section 2.5.2), but the provincial Planning Act doesn’t support strict enforcement.

There’s a new opportunity to change that. Liberal backbench MPP Peter Milczyn has introduced a bill to change the rules and give Cities the power to enforce Inclusionary Zoning.

Our allies at ACORN Ottawa have organized an event on Friday to push for this change (Friday, January 16 at 12 pm, outside 340 Gloucester – corner of Gloucester and Bay).

Inclusionary zoning is just one more tool to get the job done.