What I Love About My Neighbourhood

What I Love About My Neighbourhood

I found this poster while walking to work one day. I took some love. And over the course of a week, I watched as all of the love was taken. Which sounds sad, but it wasn’t, because the poster (sans stubs) still offered all the love anyone needed!

The City of Ottawa has a great public art program, and CCOC has several pieces of art installed on some of our buildings – the lounging bronze cats at 145 Clarence and Bruce Garner’s Geese at 341Lyon are two examples. We’re also planning an art installation at Beaver Barracks this year.

But some of my favourite art pieces in the downtown core are the randomly occurring “guerrilla art”: swap boxes, knitting bombs and poster pieces. Some I know are done by CCOC tenants, while some are anonymous.

Whether it is a Jimi Hendrix poster or a limited edition print, we all put art on our walls because it makes a place feel like home.

One of the things I love about Centretown is all of the art – professional, guerrilla, amateur and spontaneous – that I see on my daily walks in the neighbourhood.

Post by Meg McCallum, CCOC staff and Centretown resident